Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm still Alive...

I hadn't posted in quite some time, but I just want everyone to know that I'm still alive.  I made a detour back home to The States to take care of some business. While I'm here, I'm going to take advantage of using a REAL PRINTING facility. Finding printing resource with all the bells and whistles can be a huge challenge when a living abroad.

I will be back to in the DR just as soon as I can!!! I miss this place SO MUCH! In the meantime...Here are several pictures of the past few months...Stay Tuned!
Spending a Day at the beach with friends

The Teliferrico

MMMM...Had this while visiting Punta Cana. It's Hot Wings with Monfongo (Dominican dish)

Stewed fish...didn't care for it too much. It was recommended by the waitress at this upscale restraint I took my husband to, but it was gross!

I'm watching the kids playing at the beach in SoSua...my favorite beach.

At SunCamp (my apartments) down by the river with the kiddos.

The view from one of the apartments at SunCamp...AMAAAZING!
AAHH, I wish I could go back to this moment in time.  Eating fresh shrimp on the beach. He peeled and garnished it with lime and hot sauce for me. MMMMMM
The young men and their professor from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA came into town to help volunteer. They were a true blessing for the community. They mentored the young boys and assisted Project Esperanza with rounding info up for the census. We all stayed in the volunteer house that week and had a blast!
Morehouse Men and other volunteers that stayed at Project Esparanza Volunteer house in Puerto Plata.
One of my students.  They LOVE IT when I pull my cell phone out to take pictures!!
One of the volunteers teaching English to the Adults in Munoz, Puerto Plata...the school I taught at.
Me and the hubby!

OMG - OMG, MY FAVORTIE PLACE TO EAT ON THE WHOLE ISLAND is this place "Square One". It's located in SANTIAGO.  I will drive 2 hours from Puerto Plato just to eat here. The food is not expensive either!