About Me

Que Lo Que!
(What's Up) - Dominican Spanish

I'm from The United States (north Texas).  I love warm weather, beaches and I have a  heart as big as the state of Texas when it comes to our youth, the elderly and my family & friends.  I'm a Christian who believes that "ALL things are possible through Christ, who strengthens me (Phil 4:13)".  I have a ZEST and passion for life that can't be ignored and I strongly believe that LIFE IS TRULY WORTH LIVING (happily)!! 

I've held various positions in the Information Technology field as a Sr. Systems Engineer, Enterprise Technical Consultant, Team Lead etc... with several certifications. As a working middle-class American, one quickly realizes that our society doesn't value nor do we practice a true Work/Life Balance and it's sad. My blessings have been extremely abundant over the years and it has accommodated me with a lifestyle to have everything PHYSICAL that ever wanted.  It brings me peace and joy when I can be a blessing to others...to serve.  However, when THEY can turn-around and continue that blessing by helping others...well that's priceless!

In the early part of 2014 I started planning for a life abroad after years of tossing the idea around in my head (there was plenty of room in there for it to ricochet...LOL!) As such, grasping for this little slice of paradise will have its challenges and rewards. 

There are many other American expats around the world and several forums in various countries.  I created this blog to document the things I couldn't find answers to on forums and  other blogs when I started my quest.  This is a place where I can hash out my thoughts, discuss my obstacles and furthermore help others who may have the same anxieties and concerns that I have.  This is a dialogue of that journey.

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