Friday, November 14, 2014

My 1st Apartment


As I mentioned in my previous blog "Why I chose the DR", I mentioned that I would be volunteering with Project Esparanza.  When I decided to fully move to the DR, I investigated several places to stay. 


 My first apartment will be temporary until I can find something permanent while I  get settled in and start checking out the surrounding areas. I chose a small apartment in the town of Munoz which is where the community resides that I'll be working in. I'm happy to say that I've paid for my 1st month's rent already...exciting!  There were times, I was really really close to putting a deposit down on some VERY nice modern style apartments and condos, but I didn't.  Again, This mission is not about me...its not about that.  This will not be a 5 star vacation.  I know this going in. As such, I decided to go with SUNCAMPDR.  Visit them at  when you can. Diane owns these eclectic apartments and she is the founder of the Suncamp.ORG which offers Volunteer vacations that I find to be on the "up & up". Her and I have chatted via SKYPE and numerous emails.  I can't wait to meet her in person.  Check out her youtube videos too on her website. I simply can't wait!!  She knows Caitlin, as they both serve the same community which is why I chose her's near the schools that Project Esparanza serve...the schools I'll be working in.  



Again check them out when you can. The prices are well worth the experience. However, to see the  pictures of each of their apartments you'll have to go to NOT .org. 


 I'll be staying in Apartment C4. Here are pictures :  


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