Monday, November 10, 2014

Are you crazy or just inconsiderate?

Say What?!

Did you say "Move to another country".  Are you crazy or just inconsiderate?? 


Now grant it, No one has flat out asked me this question….yet.  Which I'm really quite surprised considering that some of the people I've told are VERY OUTSPOKEN…especially my Mama {: = /  and daughter. 


When I first told them and my husband of my plans, I tested the waters earlier in the year with subtle conversations  like : 

"Ya know, I'm ready to start making my plans to move abroad", weeks later I'd slightly reword the statement by saying  

 "Ya know, I'm looking into going overseas, changing my career…possibly obtaining a teaching certification", then finally 

"Ya know, I'm going to Peru to obtain my certification and then I'm going to spend a year in either Thailand, Mexico or the Dominican Republic to teach English as a foreign language".  

Now keep in mind, during  these conversations, the listener's response was: 

1st: "Hmm…ok…sounds like a good idea" 

2nd: "Sounds like fun, you should do what you love as long as you have a plan!" 

3rd: "I'm worried, do you even know anything about Peru or these other countries…they can be dangerous...have you done your research? And How are you going to support yourself while you still have financial responsibilities here? 


All the questions that followed were basically asking me (IN A VERY NON-CHALANT WAY) if I was crazy or just inconsiderate. 


 At this very moment A LOT of relatives are in complete denial including my best friend, Kim and my sister-in-law, Val.  I have less than 60 days to depart and they still don't believe I'm leaving. 


Well, I'm sure a Medical Doctor would agree with me that I'm Not crazy. Additionally, the simple fact remains, I'm going to initially move to the Dominican Republic for a mission to assist in building up a community and teaching others a new skill\ that HARDLY constitutes a personality trait of "being inconsiderate".  That is my purpose. That is my mission. 






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