Tuesday, January 6, 2015

APOSTILLE: Should I be frustrated?

Every government document that I submit must be notarized and/or Apostilled. This I know. I've shipped several documents down to my State Department in Austin over the past few months; My Birth Certificate, Marriage license, Police Background and lastly my certified FBI Report. When you ship these documents, it's important to place a sticky note on the documents stating that you'd like for them to mail them back in the enclosed self-addressed\stamped envelopes that you provide.  I did this as well.   

Of the documents mentioned above, I've run into issues with getting 2 of these documents apostilled by the State Dept in TX. Two months ago, they returned my Police background check to me in my self-addressed envelope.  There was a note attached which stated that it should be notarized to reflect the date it was done by the notary.  I was puzzled.  Because the Request Cover letter that accompanies my document has the date and the actual document displays the notarization.  So I sent a copy of their letter to my attorney who turned around and said that I should reach out to the notary and they'll know what it means.  Long-Story-short, all notarizations MUST READ: Jane Doe appeared before me on the 31st day of July and I hereby notarize this document..blah blah blah. Needless to say, the notary added this verbiage,  I then reshipped it again and enclose another self-addressed prepaid envelope.  Three weeks wasted.

Lastly, today I finally got my FBI Report back today from Austin and it too had a letter of denial attached to it:

 The reason they denied it was because it WAS notarized. HUH?  WHAT?  Wait a minute...I thought all documents had to be notarized before being apostilled.  Well, Yes and No. That's not the case with an FBI government document (as of 2010) such as my background check.  As stated in the letter above the FBI background MUST be apostilled by the State Dept in Washington...not my State Dept in Texas.  As such, they included this attachment:

You tell me...So, should I be frustrated that I was not informed of this information by my attorney or should I just chalk it up to part of my Trials and Tribulation in this journey?  Nonetheless, I've reached out to my attorney again.  The document is clear on what I need to do next (send this to Washington) but I'm interested on hearing what the attorney has to say on this oversight. 

These are the steps in getting your FBI Fingerprint Apostille:

Follow the steps listed on the Department of State (Federal) Website.
  1. Complete the cover letter (pdf).
  2. Obtain a money order or cashiers check for $8 (U.S.) made payable to the U.S. Department of State.
  3. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for faster return of your documents.
  4. Mail the documents (certified mail like FedEx is recommended):
    1. U.S. Department of State
      Authentications Office
      518 23rd Street NW.
      Washington, DC 20520

....and then wait...patiently...again.


 I'm also waiting for 1 more document from Austin...my marriage license. Then I'M DONE with expecting anything else from Austin.

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