Monday, February 2, 2015


What a beautiful day!

I don't know what's more beautiful; Waking up each day to the sound of the ocean right outside my door w/the sun rising brightly at 5am OR enjoying the scenery of the beach and the locals from the outside gazebo where classes are being held. 

 Nonetheless, I can't complain.  I was informed by relatives back home that they woke up to 25 degree weather this morning after being in nearly 68 degrees in less than 12 hours ago (brrrr).  That's Texas weather for ya! Hot one morning, then freezing temperatures the same night.  I told my husband, that if I would have been home that day, I would have called in sick, NO DOUBT! My body and brain just can't function in dramatic climate changes like that and I get very irritable - quick. LOL!


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