Monday, December 15, 2014

Haiti political situation worsens, DR is affected

Haiti political situation worsens, DR is affected

Weekend reports on the resignation of the Prime Minister of Haiti Laurent Lamothe add to the political and social unrest in Haiti, which is bad news for the Dominican Republic. Improvements in Haiti translate into a reduction of immigration of the destitute and jobless to the Dominican Republic.

As matters worsen in Haiti, the government-to-government talks are also affected.

Haiti has delayed in organizing congressional elections and soon President Michel Martelly will be ruling by decree.

The political crisis in Haiti also affects Haitian government support for the regularization of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. In many cases, the regularization needs Haiti to issue legal papers for the process to be completed. One of the major problems with the regularization process has been that most people born in Haiti do not have legal documents, which complicates matters when they emigrate.

An editorial in El Dia urges the Dominican government to take preventive action to reduce the negative impact of the situation in Haiti.

 I don't' understand Why it's SO HARD for the Haitian government to provide the Haitians with their legal paperwork.  Is it fear that they will migrate to the Dominican Republic for a better life?  Is it payback for the ones that originally left for the DR?  Help me understand.

Grant it, I understand that maybe some Haitian parents may not have legal documents which in-turn their kids are undocumented also.  This is a cycle that should stop. However, at some point there should be a process to verify that they are true Haitians.  A process that doesn't include  years of bureaucracy, paperwork and high fees that discourages an individual from finalizing their true citizenship in their home country. 

As for the Haitians that were born in the Dominican Republic to DOCUMENTED Haitian parents, well that's a whole other story!  I feel that if you were born in a country, YOU ARE A NATIONAL CITIZEN of that country by birth and a Haitian by heritage right.  My  heritage linage is of African decent, but I'm not an African, neither were the 7 generations before me.  We are all Americans...born in America.  If your  parents are Italian or Irish thus born in Italy or Ireland, but you were born in America, GUESS WHAT....You're an American!  So for the Haitian babies that were born in the Dominican Republic, they should not be discriminated against and should be classified as a Dominicans by birth.


  1. If your parents are in a country legally, then your correct your are a citizen of that country. The Haitians must unite and work together to build their Beautiful country. The could have a country just a beautiful and prosperous as the Dominican Republic.