Thursday, December 11, 2014

Missing my Passport!

Ok, now I'm getting a bit nervous. In Exactly 4 weeks from today (29 days) I am departing for my trip(s), but I'm still waiting for my TEMPORARY VISA from the Dominican Consulate.  The temporary visa is stamped in your passport to allow you to enter the country  (w/i 60 days) to complete the 2nd part of my Visa process.  The consulate still has my passport!

I'm patiently waiting for the Dominican consulate to return my passport to my attorney who will overnight it to me...hopefully before January 8th! I gave her all my documents 3 weeks ago and she has assured me that all will be fine although we're cutting it close. She's also requested for it to be expedited due to my timeframe. That's a bit comforting.

I don't know what my plan "B" will be at the moment,  if I don't have my passport back in my hand before I depart. Oh Well, For now I'm just really glad that I purchased insurance on my entire trip!

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