Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finally, In the DR!

I arrived today and will have to update you once I get settled in.  So far I'm waiting for one more of my suitcases to arrive from Miami.  Last time I was in the DR, American Airlines delayed my bag...dang!

I'm presently settling into my bedroom.  As I mentioned in previous blogs, I'm staying with a host family. I'll be living with them for the next month..  I'm presently in Santiago for the next month staying with a lovely family of 3. They speak no English, which is perfect for me!  I want to fully immerse myself!!

There's the husband, the wife and their 9 yr old son.  The wife's cooking is SOOO FREAKING GOOD. She's a caterer\chef. I was greeted with a nice generous portion of homemade bread pudding and a tall, cold glass of coke.  AWESOME!

I'll fill everyone in later...


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