Thursday, March 19, 2015

No Class Today - YAAY!

My Spanish teacher called in sick today so I had to come back to the house this morning.  MAN, I actually did some extra stuff on my homework last night and studied my behind off for today. Oh well, this was really a hidden blessing because I needed this day to recoup from traveling and hitting the ground running.  So I had spent the day tying up a few loose ends that really needed my attention.

It also gave me time to move all the videos and pictures from my phone so that I can be post\update them soon to the website & blog (hopefully soon) .

The OTHER GREAT THING that happened to me today was that Caitlin (The Project Esperanza founder) sent me an email. The subject was titled "Ironically".

SIDE NOTE:  Last week when I arrived in Santiago, I started looking\soliciting for someone to drive me up to Puerto Plata in April. I started by asking the school's student coordinator (Melyssa) since she's my "go to girl" for EVERYTHING.  She recommended that our school taxi drive  take me, but then she also mentioned that she and her dad can take me for much cheaper and that she'll double-check with her dad. The one big problem for me is that I have 3 VERY LARGE suitcases (shut up Indie) 2 of my bags weigh 100 pounds (shut up Indie).  Melyssa already knows this because she and her boyfriend were the ones that picked me up from the airport.  Her boyfriend carried my bags up 2 flights of stairs!  Bless his heart - but he's a young'n - LOL!

Okay back to the point...while looking for a ride, I reached out to Caitlin to ask her if she knew of a reputable person/company that could drive me and my 3 large bags.  She didn't know of any and recommended that I get a rental car (which are fairly inexpensive).  Eh, I'm not too keen with driving yet in the DR by myself. So I didn't pursue that option any further. WELL TODAY, she sent me an email stating that ironically, she and one of her sponsor coordinators have an appointment with some schools  in Santiago  THE SAME DAY that I'm expected to be in Puerto Plata. She stated that they are renting a large SUV and asked me if I still needed a ride.  I was surprised that she EVEN REMEMBERED that I was still looking. When I told my husband, he simply said "GOD is good".  Amen to that!

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