Sunday, March 8, 2015


During my time in Peru, I haven't blogged about the #1 reason why I chose to visit Peru. I chose it to complete my TEFL certification with TEFL ZORRITOS.  They offered far more of a quality experience than ANY other TEFL schools that I had researched...and please trust me when I say I had RESEARCHED HUNDREDS all around the world!! Additionally, Ellie, our instructor, played a key role.  SHE'S AN AMAZING INSTRUCTOR and she runs this company extremely well!  This learning experience is like no other!! I simply can't say enough about it.  I'm glad I made the right choice.

I'm not going to go into all the fine details of my research findings, but I will say that you get MORE than what you're paying for at TEFL Zorritos.  Personally, the prices are too low to me. I told her this later..(smile). As such it may make you a bit skeptical.  With this course, I truly walked away with a deal!  The quality of the program is superb. Additionally, you have the option to complete up to 10 advance certifications for FREE.  As of recently they now offer the option to obtain your Bachelors Degree on-line for TEFL too. This simply can not be match.

During my investigation and research of the course, she probably thought I was being ANAL due to the nature of my questioning.  Nonetheless, she made me feel comfortable EVERY step of the way.  I emailed her nearly a year in advance with questions. I even asked her to send me several names\contacts of past students I could question ( I think that caught her off guard a bit - LOL)  She understands that some people are making a HUGE career change in addition to a major life altering decision. Ellie is simply an amazing person and will go out of her way to ensure you are satisfied.

At TEFL Zorritos, you actually get to teach REAL Spanish speaking locals whose fluency ranges from very basic to Intermediate.  During my research, I learned that other TEFL courses have you teach your fellow classmates (that already speak English)...THAT'S STUPID!!  This course was very challenging  EVERYDAY, but worth it's weight in gold. Our days were long, but the weekends and the beautiful scenery made up for it!

Ellie offers and gives advice everyday.  She goes over our teaching practice experience from the night before and offers beneficial criticism and helps you to THINK outside the box...even when you're tired from the night before and need much caffeine to get me to the 1st morning break.  The fact that our classes were held outside each day on the beautiful beach (under a breezy gazebo ) won me over...not to mention that the course included breakfast and lunch!  I told her "She should up the price, because this is hi-way robbery".

In my class there were only 4 students.  I was so glad!! I prefer the small classes. If there were more than 6 students in our course, I probably would have not enjoyed it. 

I stayed at the Sunset Hotel which is where the class is held each day. There were other options nearby, but spending the extra money to stay at the hotel saved me the headache of driving back and forth each day.  I found that staying at the hotel was MUCH MORE CONVENIENT (hot water, English staff and an on-site awesome restaurant). 

I must say HOLA to Juan who make THE BEST Pisco Sour drinks in all of Zorritos and the Tumbes area.  Indie and I fell in love with his drinks immediately...mmmm. Man, I Miss this place already!! Feel free to send me an email to ask me ANY questions about my experience.

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