Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Heading to the DR now...

However, I had made a pit stop in Texas after I left Peru and boy did I pick a bad week to do that.  It SNOWED! And it was just depressing when I arrived. I immediately started missing the 90 degree sun in Peru.

I was stuck in the Lima Airport for over 36  hours.  That was the 1st time in my life I had to sleep in an airport...not to mention with very limited Food/water and NO CASH.  I had absolutely no more cash on hand and needed to get back home to replenish my on-hand funds and MYSELF as QUICK as possible. For this trip I decided not to bring any debit\credit cards because I didn't want to over spend and start shopping for everything. So I took a specific amount - That was it!  Well,  Dumb idea. I Won't do that again. My funds lasted me up to THE LAST DAY, but I didn't like the feeling of not having ANY CASH available...

I was SOOO HUNGRY!  During my time at the airport,  I was skyping my husband...he kept me company.  Luckily I had grabbed several snacks from my hotel room in Zorritos and placed them in my bag.  I had 2 pack of crackers, 1 bottle of water and some cookies. 

When I arrived at DFW airport yesterday morning, I was happy to see my husband's smiling face at the gate. He knew that I had craved a REAL Coke-Cola and a Whataburger SOO FREAKING BAD.  He aims to please...so that was my 1st stop before we made it home...LOL!!!  I got home and slept for at least 24 hours. I was extremely tired!

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